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A$AP Rocky - Houston Old Head

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Yeah... yeah...
Alright, alright, yeah

[ASAP Rocky]
Smokin rollin reefer up, I adjust the tweakers up
Break it, break it down, break it down so I can beat it up
Where the welcome back? Where the welcome at? My sneakers tough
This is for my old heads, go on turn your speakers up
Rocky, where you been? I been tryin to make my ends meet
So I can cope that Bathing Ape or Jeremy Scott or 10 Deep
Bottles full of Rozay, riding in the Benz jeep
Blowing money fast, now I'm fin' ta think I'm Big Meech
I met with my old head we sat for a while
We rolled a couple Swishers, we chat for a while
I said "I'm just on my grind, I come to Houston all the time"
He said "What's been goin down, in your New York state of mind?"
Fine, there are bad days you feel like givin up
Like how you gon' eat when this gig is up?
When the chips is down and the jig is up
But I don't give a fuck, roll another Swisher up
Cause I just came here down South so I could get these pounds out
And move my mother nice somewhere now closer than a town house
And my beats bangin kickin harder than a roundhouse
I spoke with my old head and this is what I found out

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Life is just a bitch, a bitch is like a hoe
Hoes want the money, money come and goes
Friends turn to foes, and foes they be fake
If you listen when your old head talkin you'll be straight

[ASAP Rocky]
Now my old head, old age, bald head, rogaine
Code red, codeine, nose red, cocaine
Pimpin bitches since lemon, chicken, shrimp lo mein
Gold chains, afros, platforms, Soul Train
And he told me 'bout that rappin trappin in the old days
When pop homeboy shock before that rat-tat-tat-tat nose rings
And I'm so high I could fuck around and grow wings
And we sippin on somethin purpler than Soul Plane
We sip slow; slow swing
We tip Vogues; the chrome wings
Told me I should head home and do my own thang
Then I heard my phone rang, hold up that's my old dame
Pick it up I hit you back, miss me and I miss you back
She said "Harlem miss you too and they can't wait to get you back
You should come on home leave the drugs alone and stick to rap
Just don't come back flossin cause that type of shit'll get you clapped"



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Live.Love.A$AP (CDr/16xMP3, 2011), OG Ron „C”, ASAP Rocky ‎– Live Love Purple (23xMP3, 2012), Live.Love.A$AP (2xLP, 2014/2015)

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1 733 103 tekstów, 18 205 poszukiwanych i 845 oczekujących

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