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A$AP Rocky - Freeze (feat. Jim Jones)

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She was coming on to me, I was coming on to her
Hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don't you fight the curves
She was making love to me, I was holding on to her
Hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don't you fight the curves

[Verse 1]
Uh, just give me that bass
She listening to Ross now, give me that face
I ain't tryna chase, tryna get to third base
'til I hit a home-run, 3-2-1, we safe
Damn, she's a looker, ran outta liquor
Sweet-sweet pusher, give me that Gusher
I ain't tryna spit game, maybe we can hook up
The Aston outside, so my nickname Kutcher
Dinner-date time, down Interstate 9
I'm in a state of mind like "The dinner-dates fine"
We can go to the condo and drink wine
She wanna be my girl, but it'd take time
She like, "Where the Cognac? Why we drink wine?"
Cause the wine get you open, heard it through the grape-vine
First, dim the lights, close the drape-blinds
And I scratch that kitty, word to my K-9's
Dope spurts, Chouffers, Big Grill gleaming
Po-lar, Snow-Fur when it's chill season
Got them Red-Bottoms, look like your heels bleeding
I fucked 100 bitches, 'til this day we still speaking
And they still creepin, got them still cheating

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
You sound like me in my Hayday
God I'm still cheating, God I'm still creeping
She text me on my phone, said her panties still leaking (Nasty)
She came four times. Had the bitch tweaking. (Tripping)
Jumped up in the ride. The loud had her Rican
Then she went down. On-lookers peeking
Had them dark tints, hard for them to see in
She bust a move, lost her bra when we was leaving
That's another reason to only let the freak in
That type of action happens every third weekend
Took all types of trips, 'til my Milage got frequent
Shit, and my proposals came decent
She musta told her friends, cause I hear them keep keying
About this money, and the V's that we be in
We getting money, new V's each season
The Champagne caught me. Vision kinda sloppy
Kicking it to this broad, but my speech was kinda choppy
I told her let's split, I replied "What's copy"
So when a nigga spit, you know we jumped in that hot V
Damn, I think she caught an orgasm
This gold-digging bitch caught a whore spasm
I'm a cold nigga bitch, I had the Porsche spazzing
You know the Porsche Wagon? 4-Door Cabin?
I'm getting money, so of course I'm bragging
I had the bitch high like she was on Saturn
But they get confused when my door paded
Why we smoking blunts by the port landing?


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