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$uicideboy$ - Reign in Blood

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[Verse 1: Yung $carecrow]

Popping 'em down with codeine in my cup
Bitch I'm rolling the rillo and burning the ounce
Creep through the ground
I don't hear a sound
Burying bodies all over the town
The Satanic killer
The gripper of triggers that haunts all the rivers
The blood is my liquor
Triple 6 marked on my grave
Cynical 59, death we crave
Sharping the blade so the wrist can be shaved
Enslaved to the minds of the fucking new wave
Creep in the alley the valley of death
Deep in the city of choppers & tecs
I'm deaf to the screams of the innocent
Fuck all the citizens
The fucking militant of the infenant punishment
I need a stimulant
Give me the coke I'm sniffing it
Articulate my ignorance
$carecrow walking round without his legiments

[Verse 2: Yung Plague]

Often I find myself staring into space
Bitch I'm coughing I might as well air out the place
It is foggy
My enemies taunt me
I am the worst version of myself
No calling for help
Angel of death please spread your wings
Pacing myself before she takes me away
Blood stains painted on the door frame
Floor made of bones
I'm collecting and I'm storing
All of my sins are burned in my mind
Memory fading, but I still remember the scythe
Body separated from my soul
How it goes when you're always alone
No bitch, no hoe
No phone
No home
Just a grave that I dug with a blanket of bugs
Bitch I'm naked full of drugs
Fully faded pull the plug
Bitch I made it with a shrug
I'm aware that I don't give a fuck, hoe
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