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$uicideboy$ - Handzum $uicide

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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
Deranged from the blood stains all over my brain
Just another day this killer train is riding down your way
I'm fucking starting to unthread
These voices that's in my head
I got a romance with the dead and sleeping in river beds
Damaging my organs
To me they just ain't important
I'm a different kind of breed
The one that don't even breathe
The one you ain't gotta feed
Just rob and take what I need
Fuckin' product of the $uicide
Fuckin' spawn of Satan
Cutting on my wrist while these women fornicating
I'm debating to take my life
Forsaking by sacrafice
Mistaken for something nice

[Verse 2: Yung Plague]
Pile of ashes is my final form
Got a roll of duct tape and a rag soaked in chloroform
Flies swarm because my body's warm
Shatter the urn
See my blowing in the wind like a scattered storm
Grey matter splattered in front of the corner store
Saw that when I was 14 walking around the 2nd ward
Send him to the 7th floor
Ended up with floor seats to something I didn't want to see
Now that scene is in my head every time I go to sleep
When I dream I rest in peace knowing I'll be dead
Earth will be my final bed
Poison me with lead
Inject it into my fucking head

[Verse 3: Rozz Dyliams]
Pressure Pressure
How do I dear deal with all this pressure
In my way
It’s in my lungs
It’s in my thoughts
It’s in my brain
A guilty conscience some might say I’m paranoid and locked away
A withering weed in the garden that God wasn't suppose to save
(locked up in an open grave)
Reading King James Bible
With a couple quotes erased but kept the ones that made me smile
Do I really see everything for what it is
Or is it that I can’t see anything with such a bad case of denial
When I die then put my body in a boat
And light it on fire push me out to sea and let the wind do what I mighta
No matter whatever I feel about anything
It wasn’t until I burned all my bridges it made my future brighter


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1 990 503 tekstów, 18 215 poszukiwanych i 283 oczekujących

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