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$uicideboy$ - $hrimp Poboy

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[Verse 1: $crim]

Blunt fulla indo
Staring out my window
It's the pill popping junkie
Yung sex symbol
Ashes on the cross
All my bitches lost
Depressed mother fuckers never show no love
Got a blunt fulla tiva
Gripping on the nina
Run up and I'll show ya why I'm always tweaking
Sleeping through the weekend
$uicidal seasons
I just wanna die don't have no fucking reason
Blunt fulla codeine they know that I'ma dope fiend
Grab the knife and cut me twice and let me die slowly
Creeping out the basement
Inside my heart vacant
Slice me wide open because I'm too fucking impatient
To wait for death
Silhouettes of demons in my shadows
Hang me in the gallows
Brain filled with ammo

[Verse 2: Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard]

I just want to chill
Fuck making a mil
I mean I make enough money to pay the bills
Still working in the pizza kitchen
Itching to be free of this shit
I know Slick was cleaning dishes
Wishing everything was finger licking
But the truth is I make this fucking music and I can't even get my friends to listen to it
I want to say screw it
But I know improvement will prove it
It's evident they need the evidence
Thinking I'm heaven sent
But really I'm crawling out of hell
$uicide for life
G*59 count the spells
And just think
I'm only beginning to crawl out of my shell
Weed and bullets on the coffee table
I'm the son of the snake
I'm both Cane & Abel
Smoke and death is the smell that dwells around my humble abode
This is just a story
No fable
No moral code
It ends with me rich, sad, and alone
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2 204 422 tekstów, 21 733 poszukiwanych i 428 oczekujących

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