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¡Mayday! - Ten Thirty Three
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[Verse 1: Bernz]
Lost in America
Lost in it's ways
Lost opportunities to climb out the cage
Addicted to the spirits or that herb concentrate
They tryna make a killing, inflicting scars and scrapes
Go ahead and pledge allegiance, while you kneel down and pray
But it won't make a difference when the ships are at bay
When the drones are above and satellites up in space
There ain't no place to hide when the fear in your face
I used to think the future meant the past would erase
But I've seen it all before, I think we all run in place
The same coloured faces gettin' blasted away
And the same old excuses from before gettin' made
Men in grey suits selling lives, gettin' paid
Making us all slaves for a little chump change
And all the signs on the wall read something blood red
But they can't stop us all with one bullet to the head

[Hook: Wrekonize]
Don't worry 'bout the tanks outside, they only tryna scare you
They want you to run for your life, just so they can hunt you down
Don't worry 'bout the boys outside, they only tryna scare you
Big Brother got an eye in the sky, I think it's time to take it down
Down (repeats)

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Wakin' up and drownin in the sound of loud sirens
Police state turning into military minded
Bought ranks from banks, trucks from the feds
Innocence is overrated, fuck what you said
I got tased in the supermarket pressed by a shotty
They shooting at us like we born with bulletproof bodies
Protest signs burn by the campfire
You never planned to stop me Death Goddamn liar
Via dire death rates that get higher up than Mariah
Self-preservations, now, might just expire
And I was on the side of the road with a flat tire
Piggy wanna stop and run my license through the live wire
Thanks for all the help boss, I'll see you in my taxes
Or on the day you coming back around to harass us
Each and every one of y'all is guilty as the next
What happens to the oath you took to serve and protect?
I've been chained down, blindfolded and tamed now
To be smiling when they bring violence to the playground
Little Susie with her hair all up in pigtails
Caught an Uzi and now she's just another pig's tale
What? You want us to be down on our knees
To just let you believe that you can silence the free?
We'll be running in the night now, tryna fight the demons
In the picket line you can hear us all screaming



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Future Vintage

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