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¡Mayday! - Shortcuts and Dead Ends
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[Verse 1: Bernz]
Where do I start? I have mo' lives than I can count
Had one too many all nighters, I head surf in these crowds
And it's hard to remember names when erryday' you wake up in a different town
So be careful what you wishin' for, when you think noones around
Got a first contract, on that contact high, still blows my mind
Had to became more, than became worldwide, hold up
Man I went too far, gotta' go back to the start
Raps in the car, beats in the garage, and rats in the walls
Never knew another crew iller than ours, we on course
Not with a few detours, but on the way I lost faith in my idols
Found Wrek damn near suicidal, see we both seen things that'll make a thief sing like a angel in a church revival
So we did a few shows and we did a few tours, to ensure our own personal survival
This for my shortcuts and my dead ends, and my dead friends, and my demons, and my lack of feelins' this evenin'
I've been meanin' to do this, been busy makin' these hits
See we just some neighborhood kids tryin' to live our dreams out in this bitch
And I probably won't stop till' I'm rich, and I know that sounds selfish
Spent so much time on my muuuuse, that my girls always jealous
In the end I'm probably gonna' have some regrets
But they won't outshine my attempts
When it's all said and done we ain't here that long
Better get your feet wet!

[Hook] (2X)
I'm treading water in the deep end
I'm tryin' to kill off all my demons
Embrace my flaws and all my defects
And my shortcuts and dead ends

[Bridge: Wrekonize]
My shortcuts and dead ends
For my shortcuts and dead ends
Dead ends

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Where do I start? I've shed more skins than I can count
Broke chains to run the races, got it goin' and I never tried to change the route
Started back when I was young, 93', just for fun
Even though I knew my fam would never doubt the plan for whatever it was I'd become
There I was, writin' songs, showed my sister, she sang along
And she still sings to this day, I fuckin' love you for that, we got such a bond
Ain't seen you much, you moved away, real shame that it's been awhile
But I'm thankful, you ain't even out that far, I got to come and hold your newborn child
You knew more, than anyone could, how I wished to sing my songs
You were there, at the talent shows and all my battles to cheer me on
We were broke, but we ain't care, Ill pay rent, keep your share
Buy some books, buy some candy, don't you stress, big bro here
I just heard, on 103, theres some comp on MTV (Word?)
Hey Jess watch this ima tear shit down, wait till' they get a load of me
Took it all, brought it home, signed a deal, yeah I'm on
But it ain't go down just quite as planned, I'm in the waitin' room all alone
Shelved the album, joined a band, we got signed, gained some fans
Lost some family, made some friends, earned some dollars, they got spent
In the end I'mma try to not have me regrets, cause I always made the attempt
When it's all said and done we ain't out here long
Better get your feet wet!

[Hook] (2X)



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Bernz (of iMAYDAY!), Gianni Cash & Wrekonize

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