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¡Mayday! - Roaches
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Tekst piosenki:

I'm trying to see the big picture now, I'm trying to see my life looking down
I use to think that all that would last, until it all came crashing down around
Brick by brick, build it back 'til it fits
After all I'll be stronger, I'll be ready, can't break this

This is family and kin folk, Ryan and Renee
This is for uppers and downers, and those who high today
This is cause every things for sale, but you never really own it
I use to have it all, now I'm rollin' with these roaches (Roaches)
With these roaches (Roaches), rollin' with these roaches (Roaches)
Use to have it all, now I'm rollin' with these roaches (Roaches)
With these roaches (Roaches), but it's still potent (Potent)
Use to have it all, now I'm rollin' with these roaches (Roaches)

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Ok, wake up and I take this
Higher than I've ever been, hope for a safe trip
Better get medicine, need it for the basis
Everything I've ever been, lost in the matrix
I've been sicker then them and they gotta know
This is high-priced life we live and it'll go
In a minute the little gimmick will dim in the bitter clinic
It's definite gimme it when the world so cold
Wake in the morning, remember when we used to feel so freely?
Now you're just so frozen, and you been saying that you just don't need me
Well so be it alone, I'mma keep on running up 'til they give me the throne
Make a miller on the high life, fill up the phone
Drink it up, 'til the bottom is gone


[Verse 2: Bernz]
You can't have it, yeah they say you can't have it
Can't blame me for trying though, I'm just trying to support my habit
Got a hunger that's so savage, this shit ain't even 'bout cabbage
This shit is bigger than what you figure, I'm trying to gain the advantage
And manage to feed my king, spear-reaping that tin
Gotta give it up until we change the cold front, and let the good times begin
These boys don't wan't us to win, thank God I don't give a shit
And also thank Him for the bad times He taught me to appreciate



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