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¡Mayday! - Fuel To The Fire
Odsłon: 666
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Tekst piosenki:

[Hook: Wrekonize]
My mind and my body burn now
They tryna come and put me out
But we won't be turning down now
We tryna light the whole damn sky
So when they come through to stop me and you from doing what we need to do
We'll stop and we'll band, under no command, we plan to add some fuel to the fire

[Bridge] (x2)
You can't burn us
You can't burn us out
You can't burn it
You can't burn it down

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Back again and tryna light it up quite quickly
It's been a long time numbing you won't never need to run and come get me
What you need, what you want, yeah we got that
MD on top, never got lapped
Track runners tryna come and set clocks back
But they ain't getting nothing in like a jock strap
Our people light it up like we don't give a fuck knuckle up come find us
Cause when we need the world to mind us violence sometimes is better than silence
So I go to where the people are
Tryna climb up high to an equal bar
Walk round in the heat all breathing hard
Until the stars all heal on a bleeding heart, I'm like, Shit

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Another night in some backwater motel, writing
Another night tryna find myself in that lost Island
I can hear that train coming, that whistle humming and it's so exciting
I can feel that heat right under my feet and the flames just keep on rising
Everybody wanna toss they two cents in, but they ain't really been through shit
I been lugging them dead cases through fifty states, in snow and cold winds
So let's commence the rise, we the phoenix
Here to give you life
That's right, we the future that you ain't used to
Throwing some fuel up on the fire, now let's ride

[Hook + Bridge]

[Outro: Plex Luthor (spoken)]
Yo, it's Plex
I gotta cancel on that photoshoot today, man
Just, like, put a shadowy figure in the back, that's like real hairy, and we'll tell everybody that's me
Alright, man


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