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¡Mayday! - Dollar General (Remix) (Feat. Stevie Stone & Yelawolf)
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Tekst piosenki:

[Intro 1: DJ Green Lantern]
Please be clear, this is an invasion
DJ Green Lantern, Mayday
It's a smash and grab
Strange Music situation
Smash and Grab, this is an invasion!

[Intro 2: Stevie Stone]
This here was all in a dream, everything's getting complicated
As it would have seemed, nigga was stressed out
The rent's do a couple of check bounce
I was looking for something to test out
Criminal, I don't usually want the style but now
Circumstances have got me on prowl, I mean how
Up in the late night, yo' go check the shit out
And when I see the bait bite, voices were saying to me

[Hook: Yelawolf]
Let's go rob the dolla', general
Get the Benjamins, and the penny rolls
Grab the panty hose, Like a criminal
Guess I'm a criminal
Let's go rob the dolla', general
Get the Benjamins, and the penny rolls
Grab the panty hose, I'm a criminal
I guess I'm a criminal, Now

[Verse 1: Stevie Stone]
Here's the plan
Learned about this days ago from my man
Tonight is the night, strategizing and apprehend
We'll never get the chance to do this again
Know what I'm sayin'?
Meet me up in the alley round 3 o'clock
Of tops, cut the surveillance then we in the spot
Scan the cops so we can stand out
Know the room but not exactly where's whereabouts
Hope you're ready
Lay back and watch for the signal
Brought the proper tools so I can go through the window
Let me get in first, I see a way through the ceiling
It could be a west wing of the building
Boom, we in and we're fucking the shit here up
Looking through cabinets and cupboards and tearing shit up
I got it, let's go, hope that this dream is a hope
They havin' mafia ties, I think I've gotten too close
I'm living on the edge

[Hook: Yelawolf]

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
And all that knockin' on my doors
Been blockin' options, things are shockin' no more
Phone is ring ring ringin' again, I've been thinkin' that we better win,
This is not my life choice, and it betta' end
All of the stress been leadin' up to me feelin' the need to get rich
And do it the fast way, that scheme ass ways to passe
This clerks got on a vest and I know hes got kids to feed
But this is like the wild west, I've been drownin' in a ravine
And this genius seems to be fiendish bout' keeping me from the greenish
But I release the zenith, It's leepin' out in travenus,
Empty drawers, say your prayers please
Your life is not requested, but hey we all payin' fees, unexpected
I seen it in a nightmare, the handcuffs and white stares
Walkin' up to sleep when their lights go out
You may be hungrier than one, but there's some
Who use a gun to hustle funds out of the weaker when they might have doubts
And they out

[Hook: Yelawolf]

[Verse 3: Bernz]
Welcome to the great depression, shoulda' gone to schoool for these lessons
Livin' like peasants while rubbin' shoulders with legends
Just uppin' to count my blessins', romanticising successes
Now the winters cold, its got me buried in the fuckin' slopes
Diggin' my grave like a dog hidin' human bones
Like he writin' poems, keep rollin' stones
Hopin' all these songs crack the top of whatever chart they on
If not it's Bonnie and Mr.Clyde, Jekyll and Hyde
Homicide, all in one night, I'm never caught alive
Never ran, never go hide, cause ima' plan it right
You should steal, tight alibis, he'll never testify
See she been on it from the start, rebel heart
Fendi bag, gun in the car, these are the trappings of an underground star
Tryin' to keep the firebomb in his bar, but ya'll don't hear me thou'

[Hook: Yelawolf]

[Outro: DJ Green Lantern]
This is Smash and Grab!


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