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¡Mayday! - Do Or Die
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1: Bernz]
Scream when I landed on Earth til my lungs hurt
Jump right in with a devilish grin, feet first
When worse come to worse
We'll burn the bitch down in late astroturf
The whole thing is cursed, our life well rehearsed
The television will flicker with signs of lifers
Up the downers, a world of doubters
Up-jump the boogie but got me down first, clutched purse
Cause no one's safe no more
Took a wiki leak on a flag before it burns
Spitting on these writtens for fans I've yet to earn
Synergy of whiskey and middle-finger music is Bern-
Biz, what it is, light a spliff
Drive a whip off a cliff
Just for kicks, watch this
With a belt with one lick
Lost a team but a scheme got it back real quick

[Hook: U-God] x2
Do or die
To fill your tank
Still the same kill you for real
While you crank slide
Do or die
Fry to bake
Admire the greats

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Running up and filling the villains up on the octane
Seeing D.O.A. scatter when the cops came
Street cannibal, fresh-flesh eater
Juggalette juggling everything that Wrek feed her
Seen him, he done bleeding all over receivers
And I'm feeling mighty free up in my DC, see ya
This is concrete game hunter
Meets play blade runner
Say goodbye to your safe summers
Say hello to Glock-fiends and lost teens
Picking up on dreams that sell a lock key
No peace for the passive
Beef in plastic
I'mma seek give me classic
Complete madness
Little kids got their feet down deep in the ashes
We all die, no astericks
Declare war on the masses
It's do or die

[Hook: U-God] x2


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