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¡Mayday! - Death March
Odsłon: 1574
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Tekst piosenki:

[Intro: Bernz]
Aha, what we have here is a failure to communicate
Come on!

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
Yeah, hey, hey
Tie an army to your boot straps, coffee in your blood
Wallet full of food stamps, pocket full of drugs
Blue prints to move this, city from the mud
You get a discount from the morgue, if you're digging yourself up
Yeah, you go HAM, I'll go back bacon
Taking steps towards death and the method is quite back breaking
Show up for dinner like a lab patient
Better yet a masked Jason you're pointing at me like "Is that Satan?"
Not in the slightest lieutenant treat my organ like my rifle
I'm a spiteful Lou Bennett, I'm a menace to all ministers
Evident star winners as vivid as all genesis, gimme a call, religion, engaged
I sip a soda can full of rage
And welcome Death's doorbell ringing on me any day
Modern warfare best believe that many play
I'd rather die amongst the tribe than be alive as any slave

[Hook: Wrekonize & Bernz]
(Death march)
Walking towards our demise
I see the cliff, they see my eyes
This ain't the time for goodbyes on a
(Death march)
Walking towards our demise
I see the cliff, they see my eyes
Nose dive!

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Counting sheep, not for sleep
Counting them cause so many surrounding me
They walk the streets, they're watching me
Lately I look over my shoulder constantly
Walking in haze foggy days for days
So foggy that I can hardly see the nuclear waste
So resorting to drastic measures propelling from roofs
Cement boots and tar feathers
La la lately feel sedated to
Slipping me poison, when I drink your wine and eat your food
Is it enough for you to change my mood?
How does it taste? I think, I think I need a second scoop
How come this whiskey make us shifty?
Black magic, addicts, lining up early just to get tipsy
My family told me be careful, they know this life's to risky
I told them to pay em no mind, while we marched in the line



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