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¡Mayday! - Can't Take It With You

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[Verse 1: Bernz]
I got my back against the wall, while my drink in my hand
They yellin' last call but I ain't done with my glass
Ain't done with my boys, I'm trying to see if it lasts
I've been coast to coast, instead I keep coming back
So can't no one save me, from my life it's crazy
Can't pause cause I got no regards for safety!
Addicted to the license my mama made me
Yeah, I'mma lost cause my future's shaky
Tie it up! For your ass, without a luck
When the system start closin' in on your whole bunch
I hope you read scripture and snapped all your pictures
Cause we all gotta go but you can't take it with you, mane!

You can't take it with ya! (Aw!)
You can't take it with ya!

[Verse 2: Wrek]
Panties, paper, pin up models bottles of the ace
Diamonds, dollars, make ya holler, got alotta cake
Fast cars, fast broads, on a fast faster
Black cards charged, I got several of them bastards
IPhone, iPad, I gotta have that!
Probably (?)
Mile-high: passed that, skydive blast back
My GPS got GPS my kid plays with an AMTRAK
T.V.s in the headrest, T.V.s in the floor
So many T.V.s I don't know what's not T.V. no more!
My butler got a butler, they all a whore for fame
My girl got red bottoms on them bottoms of her brain
I tell you this for certain, these things are more than plain
And if I didn't have 'em I'd be sure to go insane
And on my dying day I realize it was in vain
Cause when you cross over, you can't take it with you, mane!

[Hook X2]


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