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¡Mayday! - Bad Religion feat. Kendall Morgan
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Tekst piosenki:

[Bridge: Kendall Morgan]
I'm so tempted
I'm so addicted
I'm so tempted
I'm conflicted
Give in to me

[Verse 1: Bernz]
She on the phone takin' pictures
Selfies I see them jeans barely fit her
Wolves out At night it's a cold winter
Never skip a late dinner she keep flirting with killas
Man I think she's feelin my positioning
Maybe the backseat of my jeep or her infinity
Back from LAX & already we sinning
Like fuckin' like we enemies and masochistic tendencies
I'm all out from the south
Where they light a flame burners out the grow house
Where the only fame they get is when the clubs out
Cause everybody know somebody that's a rapper now and buying bottles out
Baby wanna hit the strip
And it ain't even nothin special she a specialist rainmaker arsonist
Anythin for kix red bottoms till she scream
If she got the antecdote im a fuckin fiend

[Hook: Kendall Morgan & Wrekonize]
I'm so tempted
I see you watching so if you want it just come and get it
I'm so addicted
You need somebody thats out there sinning as much as you
I'm so tempted
What up what up go on and make your move
I'm conflicted
Give in to me

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Well hello miss parker wrapped in a parka
Eyes like august telling me that your cautious
I seen you lurking at the back of my show
You play it cooler than them shooters in the front front row
You don't do tour buses screw for a suffix
But you can drink enough jack to
Lose your lunch it's
A shame ya play it cool cuz i'd be fucking ya senseless
My strange flow goes up whenever requested
And if ya need to see the believing demon this evening I'm even seeding the heathens with a 2 for 1 deal now
Which means that you can be shy but when you get to me try you'll ask me for the second hit real loud
I seen her tap her finger to the morse code
Good girls don't ever get to get the source code
Wreks facing a moral sensation
To have ya singing for it like that old temptations like



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