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¡Mayday! - All The Time
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
You had a lot of friends, but you whittled them all away
Not worried 'bout tomorrow cause you been living today
Only your word is credible, you been put on a pedestal
But it don't even register, you like giving 'em space
You like rigging them games, kiddie charades
What an ignorant way to keep the village arranged
Queen bee on the throne, we just part of your subjects
The kind of woman that men love giving her rough sex, well
I'll be glad to get on down, if you be down to come and break some ground
Shit, I've been drinking too much and I've been hitting the blunts
Shouldn't have kicked it this much I'm so addicted to love
And the fact I love to hate you, when you act the part so well
Go to hell and choke on all the bricks from here to your cell
Had a wonderful grind when we were doing so fine, could have saved it all too if you weren't a bitch all the time

This ain't a love song
It's just a piece of my mind
And I want you to know that
Things will be so much better, if you weren't a bitch all the time
And just so you know
This ain't a love song, so don't you bother pressing rewind
And I want you to know that
Things would be so much better, if you weren't a bitch all the time

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Pretty girl with no friends
Shoulda known you loco
Talking shit on all the girls you only know from photos
Looking for a sponsor every night, but it's a no-go
Blaming society for you addiction to a logo
Why you always judging, always coo-coo, pushing buttons?
Why you always bugging, making something out of nothing?
Seen the other side, but it ain't something you up-front with
Maybe you just tryna to hide the fact you're scared of something
You a homecoming queen ever since you [?]
As opposed to all the others getting better with your time
At first I didn't see it, I attract a certain type
Rough around the edges, but you sharper than I like
You sharper than a knife, but you don't care who you strike
Only got a couple lives, and I ain't tryna waste tonight
So I ain't picking up when you decide to hit the line
Go and find yourself another this time
Don't bother hitting rewind



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