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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Bright Young Things
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Tekst piosenki:

I love to face it down
Break your things, work you down
Drop salt and come around
Please don’t leave if substance drops
Seeing creatures all about
Pushing through the single crowd
And then you’ll never doubt
Let it out and follow them

He’ll go but still
You let me go

Our cause of wasted time and hazy states a darker night
The beauty of the ball
And whistle words to Mary oh
Good fine, I still pull things
Walk on acid, feet I break
Stand at the basic lines
I wonder why did I fall back

Sit down and let go
It’s the first of all

Sunday watch the sun sit down
Beneath the line, around they come
Under the bunzel lot
We’re breaking laws a hundred times
Risen up the tempo
Every time go passing for the cheaper hill
Dispose before all out
Lost into a place but morning I have

I not longer see you
It’s a spectacle

Pull out in midair
Let’s shoot one for the line
Never learning how or why
Talk to the friend that learn
Let that go from 1 til 5
The school that we forget
To change us to the book of dead
Always pain in what we feel
We got the heart to make it through you

But we are the city
And we’ll let go
And we own the city

We don’t have words, the sun sit down
Neath the line of planet clouds
I watched beyond the rock
Walked the streets in search of a path
And I’ve seen you back away
Talking to yourself all day
I’ve seen you slipped in through
A trapped up place that won’t last through to you

And I thought you’ll make it
But you let go
Let yourself to prison

Our cause of wasted time and hazy states a darker night
Go to school and wait for that
Changes to a broken kid
Gone by the self-afflict
But it has to be that way
Waste words on what they feel
I’m prepared to make it real

And I thought you’ll make it
But you let go
Let yourself to prison
And it’s impossible
Sit down and raise up
A spectacle
And I love this city
It won’t let me go


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