Years since the storm - Frigid

Tekst piosenki:

When you speak to me you’re speaking to an empty shell.
I’ve been locked away inside my head, inside of my hell.
All this time spent fighting just to stay alive.
All these years spent sanity and sleep deprived.
Imagine a world so cold that it redefines your winter.
A land where hope is lost, and all memories fade away.
Imagine a world so dark that you can’t see what’s in front of you.
And only getting darker with every step you take.
These thoughts exist inside my head.
This world it lives inside me.
These thoughts exist inside my head,
and underneath skin I’ve tried to shed.
Never a moment of clarity, no, not for me.
It’s getting harder and harder and harder to see.
Through the forest of dying trees, was it ever green?
Was it ever green? Or has this chilling winter never ceased?
This world breaks you piece by piece.
It consumes you, no mercy just misery.
You’re kicked down, beaten, picked back up again;
Just so you can bleed a little more.
A stuck pig, bled dry, you don’t even know why you try to survive anymore.
This is the world I live in.
This is the hell inside my head.
One day to walk in my shoes.
One hour till you’re wishing you were dead.