Uma Kompton - River to Sleep

Tekst piosenki:

Mary was a girl as sweet sixteen
So young, so lean

The hour she had plan had finally come
Evil deed that would be done

Her breath smells of cheap and angry gin
Mmm, a drunken grin

She took from the cradle, a young child
So sweet, a life to keep

Down to the river, Mary crept
Ahh, while the townsfolk slept

The cotton dress she wore blazed the night
So bright, in the silver moonlight

Stars shone above her like a guide
She couldn’t hide from the pain inside

She reached the flowing river at ‘past ten
Mmm, too late to mend

She looked at the baby she had born
So sweet, a light so pure

She kissed her on the head on which once
Her quiet friend, this was the end

With strength she didn’t know she even had
She threw it in, oh what a sin

The cries from the water slowly died
Her eyes so wide, at the violent tide

The riverbed, a place to always sleep
Don’t weep, a life to keep
A life to keep
A life to keep