U.D.O. - Run!

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Had To Wait For Such A Long Time My Friend
But After All We Meet Again
Don't Make It Worse - Prepare For Your End
All You Will Try Would Be In Vain
Where Are Your Friends Now - You're On Your Own
No One Will Help You Out Of Here
You Understand That You're Completely Alone
Now You're Overwhelmed By Fear

You Want To Run
All You Want To Do Is Run
But You Can't Run Away From Me
'Cause I Will Get You
There's No Place For You To Hide
Here In This Everlasting Night
You've Got No Chance To Run
Run Away

You Try To Move, But You're Under My Spell
My Powers Bind You More Than Chains
It's Time To Die Now - You're Going To Hell
Your Blood Is Getting Colder In Your Veins
There's No Way Out, There's No Place To Hide
Just Look Around And You Will See
Oh, I Know The Way You Feel Deep Inside
And I Enjoy It Honestly

Run ...

Oh I Have Warned You
What Can You Do Against My Might
I've Even Asked You
To Join Me In My Fight
You Had The Chance To Survive
But Now It's Too Late
You're Lost - So Lost - At Last
You're Lost - So Lost - At Last

So You've Thought You Got A Powerful Mind
You're Not As Half As Strong As Me
You Are A Nothing In The Endless Lapse Of Time
I'm Part Of Eternity
It Was A Stupid Thing To Come To This Site
At Last You Fell Into My Trap
Your Visit Has The Same Effect As Suicide
Now I'll Destroy You With A Snap

Why Don't You Run ...

I'll Give You Sleep