U.D.O. - A Bite of Evil

Tekst piosenki:

I'm crawling out at midnight
Raging until dawn
I'm hiding in the moonlight
Sunrise I'll be gone

Now my fangs are growing
My fur is turning black
hate in my eyes still glowing
Thare's no turning back

I'm sneaking up on you
I'm ready to attack
And my fangs are hungry
Aiming for your neck

And I'm howling - And I'm screaming
Bloody evermore
And I'm howling - And I'm screaming
Bloodshed on the floor

A Bite of Evil
Hate in my eyes and I won't turn back
A Bite of Evil
Better run now time to attack

I see your smell I'll get you
I'm creeping up on you
My blood still pumping inside
I'll be all over you