The Cure - The Hanging Garden Demo

Tekst piosenki:

The animal runs slow across me
I'm so tired
I can only fall
The black is dripping
In the hanging garden
Please don't speak
Blood in my ears and eyes like ice
Don't move
Why won't I move
Why do I pretend
We're made of everyone else
I see you in my room
I think of your friend
The ordinary chokes me
When no one cares
Empty men
You're so useless
Choking under covers
Stifled like a dead man
Happy with the empty men
In a small room
Lash my face with glass
Era away from the animals
Still no closer
Cursing my fingers like ribbon
Like an animal swelling in sickness
Sallow child, frustration and hatred
Cutting my hair
Like cutting life with clean hands
Touching me
A brother lies in shapes of angels
Keep her away from my face
Pictures of madmen color the walls
It's all a waste of time
Everything jumps once
And I fall into the walls
Covered like a madman choking
Choking like an empty man
Swaying out of time to be real again
I think I should finish soon
I think I should end
Magic and dreams and the end of the world
Choking on the covers
That stifle a dead man
Happy empty man
Sit in a small room
Lash my face and the animals sing
Please don't speak in the hanging garden
Every night in the hanging garden
The animals drip in the hanging garden
The animals drip at the side of the road
The animals drip at the side of the road
In the hanging garden
In the hanging garden