Stormhaven - Echoes

Tekst piosenki:

Drifting in the celestial realm
Before me an open door
One last wreck shall overwhelm
I hope to find you once more

I'm stung by the hurled sand and the broken shells on the shore
Carving lines on my face where there were none before
Shape me an altar from the cliffs of my crippling madness
Stone by stone tear down my fortress

Hear my lament
It's my final cry on this earth
To hell-fire I'm sent
My voice has become a fading echo

Far off beneath the dark blue waves is a promise of sleep
Unquiet are the graves of those for whom we weep
The sea of solitude reflects a pale image of the past
Strewed denial lacerates as broken glass

Nocturnal streams give birth to slack water
and with great force lift me from the depths in

Where no sound may be
Shadows are wandering free
Idle grounds harbor the shrine of the faceless god bound to decline

Night falls with his song
The cold enters in
Ssparrow of the dawn
Abysmal ascension

Morning rise a premature advent
Seductive words that bolster my lament
The crying shadow in the funeral dance
Hellish visions of my withering prance

Pristine clarity in the black
Lost inside a reverie
Thriving shadow on my back
Resurgence of the tragedy

Pompous scrutiny from envious eyes
Sowing seeds of treachery
Vast conspiracy for my demise
The messenger of sorrow will then

Drift with the acheron's flows
Until I reach the other side
The book tracing all my woes
Is soon to be forgotten

These pages filled with empty words slip out of my hand
And disppear in the water
At peace I lie on my back
Facing the sky
Waiting to see you again

We are lost in a dream
Trapped inside my own fantasy
I've witnessed what I could not believe
These liquid lines and shifting imagery
Push back the stones of reality
Shattered to pieces, I'm trying to hide
This moment of weakness has torn me up inside

Falling fast
I didn't survive
This is where I died
I rose up far beyond the sky
To peace I'm headed on the other side