Stina Nordenstam - To The Sea

Tekst piosenki:

Away ... away
You may have many problems
But I was never one
All I ask is take me to the sea

You had to take me somewhere
I realize it now
Listen now just take me to the sea

Away from flickering nights and crowded streets
Away from blinding lights and shining needs
Away from loosing heart and breathing hard
Away from always paying on your card

To the sea

Now this will be my way out
And you will be my guide
The more you take me to the sea

I'm only asking this once
Please take me for a ride
All I ask is take me to the sea

Then leave me with the seagulls
Smile your sweetest smile
Kiss you like the salt and earth and breeze
Drop silver on your forehead
And wave my last goodbye
All you do is take me to the sea

To the sea