Stina Nordenstam - Crime

Tekst piosenki:

Whatever made me glow
It’s gone now
But I pretend I’m having it still

You know it’s getting very hard
To go on now
But I pretend I want to

You know it wasn’t really me
You know I wasn’t really there
I would have thought more carefully
I would have turned away

You know it wasn’t really me
You know I wouldn’t really care
But someone looking just like me
Just turned around and you were there

My fingerprints are on the wall
Can I go now
Cause I’ve got nothing more to say

Except I didn’t want to fall
So be still now
As I’m walking slowly away

My fingerprints are all over the world
You see my jacket in the street what if they hear your heart beat
Cause you’ve been seen with another girl
She’s in everyone you meet and I can hear your heart beat