Stina Nordenstam - A walk in the park

Tekst piosenki:

Chrios was five when her mother died
She was the only child
Her mother used to say I'd spoil her too much
She was my joy and pride
Seems like yesterday ... I hear her voice
Five hours left to go:
"Won't you let me, well you know I can drive
Please let me take your car
Won't you please let me take your car"

Two policemen in the car behind
Not on duty but they stopped
And just before the car caught fire
Bravely they pulled her off
Now days grow warmer chris and spring is here
You'll see it with my eyes
If I were you chrissie I'd rather not
Take this to stay alive
No I would rather die

One of these days when the sun shines
We'll go outside
And listen to the birds in the park