Steve Winwood - Uninspired

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Sometimes I feel so uninspired
Sometimes I feel like giving up
Sometimes I feel so very tired
Sometimes I feel like Ive had enough
Sometimes you feel like youve been hired
Sometimes you feel like youve been bought
Sometimes you feel like your rooms been wired
Sometimes you feel like youve been caught
But dont let it get you down
There is no reason for not failing
Youve got to smile and turn the other cheek
So today you might get up
But by tomorrow youll be sailing
And you wont even hear these words I speak
Some people want to be so desired
Some people cant stand the light of day
Somebodys laughing while someone is crying
But for to want in the close of the day
But sometimes I feel like my head is spinning
Im gonna cave with all I see
I dont know whos losing and I dont care whos winning
Hardship and trouble following me