Shakin Stevens - Super Star

Tekst piosenki:

27 years old but can pass for 23,
Did an era on the scene when they discovered me,
Got some groovy smoothy threads and grew my hair,
With my poems and guitar I knew I’d be a star
A Superstar, Superstar - that’s what I are,


Flown to the States on a super-sonic hype
Played the Filmore offered acid pills and pipe
My album smashed up the Cashbox charts
Warners Fox and Metro offered me a part
Superstar a Superstar that’s what I are
So big baby - all over

Every 45 was a gold record hit they analysed
Every word I ever writ
Packed the Hollywood Bowl played six encores
300 screamin’kids dislocated their jaws
Superstar Superstar that’s what I are

Did an interview with Rolling Stone

Pulled a groupie on each one night stand
No got higher than me and my band
My orgies were the talk of London town
Even Leon said he liked my sound
Kinda liked his too
Superstar that’s what I a Superstar

Then was then and now is now
Where did the girls and the good times go
I’m washed up a rock’n’roll has been
Rather be a has been had a good buzz
Than a souped up nothing just a never wa
Washed up like Charlie Gracie
Like Eddie Fontaine
Like back to pumping gas Man
Like nowhere

Well guess I always wanted to be a truck driver anyway........

Maybe I could sling hash........
Or do a come back......