Samsara Blues Experiment - Outside Insight Blues

Tekst piosenki:

You've been lurkin´ on the outside
Seen you hangin´ around
until it grew too cold for you
So desperately you tried to get inside and
so hard you wanted to break through
While it wraps you up in its entire darkness
I know it´s goin´ to blacken all your virgin-white soul
So watch out

But don´t get lost in isolation
I see you drew a pretty odd fate
Guess you've been meant to lose all your purpose in this profanity
Some day might fall down to your knees and pray
But why do you pray now
when there´s nobody who´s ever goin´ to help you out of this mess
Hey please don´t let it all go astray

Now take this chance my wingless butterfly
for one last time you´ll need to try
to kiss the stars and hit the sky
You ain't got much left to sacrifice

I´ve seen the sungod´s smile upon you
Yeah you might be a morning star
though sooner or later you´ll need to wake up my friend
and realize just who you are

Their thoughts won´t bend, your words collide
I hope one day they will obtain insight
I always knew you´d be just fine my babe
We´re gonna meet on the other side