Ritualz - Ghetto Ass Witch (feat. Gvcci Hvcci)

Tekst piosenki:

Ghetto ass witch I'm a Gvcci ass bitch
Don't get me confused with that fucking Asian trick
Sacrifise her body and put it in a ditch
I don't give a fuck, I'm rich like 66666

Ghetto Ass Witch
I'm writing rhymes on Ouija boards
Ghetto Ass Witch
Satanic swag and wicked hoes
Ghetto Ass Witch
I'm ghost-riding blasting drone
Ghetto Ass Witch
Big magic hustling demon dope

Icy with the double cross
I got lines like Katy Moss
Drank too much I'm fucking tossed
You know how much this outfit cost?

I bleed a lot, anemic
I'm fucking bulimic
I'm your fucking dream, sick

Ritual, Coyote Gang
Poppin' shit like guns, bang
Reblog our shit like insane
Our flow makes you say "Oh dang"

Fucking with a pentagram
I'm your sacrificial lamb
Smoke this shit I got a gram
Gvcci Hvcci, fucking glam