Quartz - Born to Rock the Nation

Tekst piosenki:

A lot useless information
Pounding in my brain
Sixteen years of "don't do that"
Is driving me insane
Now I've got the freedom to make it on my own
Hanging out with people
Who don't care where I'm from
But I was born to rock the nation!

No more senseless questions with answers
I don't know
My only qualification is the
One in rock 'n' roll
I don't wanna be a number
A status on your wall
You take down my number but
I know you'll never call...
'Cause I was born to rock the nation

When I hit the big time
I'm going back to school
Stand in front of everyone who
Thought I was fool
Read the fucking papers
Listen to wahat I say
I've got no eduction
But my music's here to stay
But I was born to rock the nation

Teacher told me I'd never do any good
They wanna be me now
But if ony they could
Hear the crowd roar in anticipation
I just want to rock the nation

The people keep complaining of violence
In the street without an opportunity
We cannot live in peace.
When I make the front page
I'll tell you about solutions
If you don't find the answer
There'll be another class revolution!
'Cause I was born to rock the nation

I was born to rock the nation...