Puissance - Brittle

Tekst piosenki:

Staring at the sky as if for the first time
Nothing's like I thought anymore
Holding my breath as long as I can
Terrified what if I let go.

So I reach deep inside and try once again.
To rise and get back on my feet
But find myself falling right back down
Beat down by a fear I don't know.

I hope and pray to be taken away

Try to face my innermost but somehow it seems
It's always right behind me as I turn
Tragic as I wallow in self pity and unrest
This world is brittle and so am I

One last try to break more chains
To rid myself of all the pain I caused
Brush away from all by the power of truth
There can't be many others left behind

This time I rise, my mind is set
I walk steadfast towards the sun
Clenching my fist I dare not look back
Tomorrow my soul left to find