P Money - Blackberry

Tekst piosenki:

When they first came out I was like "OK"
Everybody else liked it, werent that great
My girlfriend was like me, die hard for the iPhone
And then she went and got a BB, "You snaaaake"
No, shut your face and if you're Blackberry, I hope yours breaks
You dont have lips anymore, everytime I go to kiss you, you got a curve in your face
I can't take 'em, Im like fuck 'em I hate 'em so much I dont even want to touch 'em
She used to love me, now she doesnt
I say I love you, she says nothin
'Too busy pinnin her drunken bredrin who right now isnt doin' nothin
Her nails get on my nerves and it's like rat-tat-tat-tat when she presses buttons

(Oh my days)

Shut up*ping*tell your ping Lowe it
And dont give 'em my number, I ain't got a BB I dont care what your pin is lowe it
They think im hatin
'You'll get one too, I doubt it
Even if I wanted one, I couldn't get one, cos apparently I ain't allowed it

What, is that how youre gonna do me?
Tryna get me back cos of Call Of Duty
But it wernt that ,she was actualy gassed
Starin at her phone smiling like it was some cutey
Now im sittin here real moody
Coz I can hear *PING* when im watchin a movie
If I get a chance i'd volley your phone so sick you'd think im better than Rooney
Phone? gaarn clear off
Are you jealous? yeah what
Every time I say something you never hear me, I said "did you hear me" you say "huh hear what?
"see everywhere she goes its with her
I blackmail her friends whenever they pin her
Their like omg are you gonna kill her
No but ill break her hands if you ping her