Nyogthaeblisz - A Bewitched Outbreak of Chemical Pestilence Quells the Subhuman Race

Tekst piosenki:

Warheads bewitched by wretched imprecations
Chemical armaments guided by poisonous entities
Towards world cremation and enslavement they advance
& counter-strike to terminate the Tetragrammaton.

Noxious death-gases and enraptured hellfire
Viciously devastating the menial Israelite rats
Lion of Judah envenomed, withers and ceases to be.

Jerusalem infected and plagued,
Vile birthright of the inferior
Chemical weapons exterminate with deadly force
Reduced to inanition, emaciated bodies adorn the Wailing Wall.

Virulent spells launched by the spirits of disease
Insidious devil-plague infecting Bethlehem,
Lamb of Nazareth slain, contaminated by the unchaste.

Palestine besieged by foulest impurity
To perish among the multitide of ailing slaves
A polluted destiny for the ruined,
Absolution as hellish proliferation cleanses all.

Mecca deteriorating from an accursed epidemic
Amidst intoxicated throes of mankind's plight,
Final Prophet of Medina poisoned, lies decaying at the Ka'ba.

Curse of sickness and bio-organic dissolution is initiated
Unwholesome maladies afflict Holy Lands;
A bewitched outbreak of chemical pestilence
Quells the sub-human race...