NO - Humanity

Tekst piosenki:

Hi there my name is Homo Sapien.
I got no respect for my environment.

I am great, I´m the best!

I´ve seen much winters but don´t know how old I am.
I don´t learn from my experience.

I am great, I´m the best!

This is my mother who is called nature.
I live in her house but I want her to get out.

I am great, I´m the best!

I made religion which bases on nothing.
But I believe in and would kill myself for it.

I am great, I´m the best!

I am the owner of this planet called earth.
I am the best which could happen since its birth.
No one could stop my technical progress.
My mother is warning me but I don´t give a mess.
I am the one who can travel to space,
To see other species and make them slaves!

I spread out manufacturing plants.
I know that will kill me but I don´t give a damn.
I am the one who invented atom bombs.
To kill myself ´cause I don´t know what I want!

I know this is kind of self-distruct.
But I will live on I don´t give a fuck.
You think I´ m crazy? Well that is right.
But you are part of me, you got to realize!

Wasted planet I carried it too far.
I leave it with never healing scars.
Sorry mother now I know that you were right.
But I lost my objective sight!