Nameless One - Immortal's Solitude

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Immortal's Solitude

"What an interesting animal:
Who, I mean what are you?
You're not one of us
That's for sure"

Poor ignorant fools
Gaze upon me
I know to your boring lives
It's very interesting to see

This strength of a spirit
This strength of a mind
A heart of stone
Unknown to your kind

And after a short time
When you realize
The true power of mine
Fear will begin to rise

Inside your hollow minds
A terrible intrusion
For I am the destroyer
Of your beautiful illusion

"Don't say that! You're lying!
You're spoiling our dreams!"

You should thank me!
I will show you
Revelations through your fears

"No! This cannot be!
Our lives are covered with gloom!
But no! This can't be real!
Let's kill this bringer of doom!"

No matter how hard you try
You cannot change the truth
You cannot kill me
And this weakness inside of you

But nevertheless
My vengeance is yet to come

You're pathetically average
In your desire to be the best
But now you know (hear this for an animal)
You have failed on your test