Middle Of The Road - Union Silver

Tekst piosenki:

Look at her, my Friend said
Pointing down the Road
You can tell by how she looks
She wears a heavy load.
So we stood and watched her
Didn't say a Word.
But she must have read our troughts
For this is what we heard.

Union Silver has taken my whole Life
Irom my teens to the sixty years I'm living now.
Lord have mercy on me
Come and look upon me
Make a smile Show once more on my Face
Union Silver is gone before it's made
And I can feel my Shoes won't wear the Winter cold.

Can you tell me my Friend
Where it's goin to End,
Cause Union Silver doesn't want to know.
Then we walked on by her
Ileaving her alone
Not a word was spoken as we made our may back home.

Till this Day I see her.
See her standing there
A mining Town, a miners Wife
With coal Dust in her Hair.