Lil Nas X - Kimbo

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Da, da
D-D-Daytrip took it to ten, hey

[Verse 1]
I've decided, I'm so fucking tired of being quiet
Don't come at my neck about my style if you can't motherfuckin' buy it
I fuck who I want, and if you don't like it
Then get your ass a job, you better not gossip with no guap up in your pocket
Tell me ya heard
You see a nigga win and when you want, I'm in the dirt
You see a nigga winnin' when you're slowly gettin' hurt
How these niggas won't win, how my niggas comin' first
And, yeah, they tried put me down, but God, they put me up
Bobby saw my in my body, wanna sue me up, huh
And you thought it was over, bitch, I'm burnin' up
It's Daytrip, Lil Nas, nigga, turn it up

I know you feel
When nobody's around
You're kimbo
And I know you feel (Ooh)
When nobody's around (And no, ooh)
You're kimbo

[Verse 2]
My gang, on go
My flame gon' flow
My shame won't show
And my end is all your
And when I see you, we gon' pop it off (Pop it off)
Wasai, oh yeah, he gon' be there when we pop it off (Pop it off)
I don't want a CJ rockin' DJ when we pop it off
Snippy hit 'em with the heater when he pop it off, huh

I know you feel (Ooh, what you feel like?)
Pressure (Kimbo, what you feel like?)
When nobody's around (Ooh, I'm fuckin' tryna kimbo)
You're kimbo (I ain't fuckin' tryna hit him, though)
And I know you feel (Ooh)
When nobody's around (And no)
You're kimbo and

What you feel like?
Let me know what you feel like?
I'm fuckin' tryna kimbo, I ain't fuckin' tryna hit him, though
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh