Led Zeppelin - Key To The Highway / Trouble In Mind

Tekst piosenki:

I got the key to the highway, and I'm billed out and bound to go,
I'm gonna keep on walkin' this highway, cause walkin' is most too slow.
I eat my breakfast, in California, I eat my dinner, in Carolina,
Wooh, I'm gonna keep on, keep on walkin' this highway, yeah,
'Till I reached the end of the line, walk on, yeah.


Show the movie, yeah, Lordy mama keeps on shining, shining,
And the good, good, good Lord, having a ball,
Everybody knows my pain, a wantly bear,
He's to eat, and walk you Lord.

So trouble in mind, yeah,
Lordy mama I'm blue, yeah,
And I won't, I won't, I won't be blue, always
Oh yeah, the sun's gon' shine, sun gon' shine in my backdoor,
Some on rainy day, oh yeah.