Lacrimosa - My Pain

Tekst piosenki:

I need to mourn - sorrow - suffer and pray
Once I had this golden hair - spoke a different language
Had a heart full of desire - memories still to be made
Diamonds won't be lose a sparkle - but I don't care for their shine
I rather capture moments and save them inside
I need to mourn - when it overcomes
Love how I like - with goodness and with grace
This is my pain - let us gain new memories
Starting today - before it comes to an end

Long ago I was blessed - gathered love and affection
Now my love - it's just you and me - how long are you going to stay?
I don't care for what they say -
I don't care for rumours
Sometimes it breaks my heart
When I see what I lost and might loose
This is my war -
I got to keep on running
I got to keep on running
To save my soul
Loss - lost - loss - lost - loss - gone