L'incendio - The Abyss

Tekst piosenki:

Chasing demons and saints
To quench my thirst for knowledge
Endless journey
Into the night sky of the mind
Big divine delusion
Growing in my seclusion
Speeding to and fro
Leaving my anima out there in the cold

O Knowledge, what do I want from thee
O Knowledge, what dost thou ask of me
The answer to it all, the end of all endeavours
Dig, delve, cut open, analyse, factorise, scrutinise, categorise
Names dates pictures facts facts facts, in fact I’m fucking going to explode

I open my hands and let myself fall into the abyss

“Be without fear, even when obscurity surrounds you. In the liquid embrace of dreams, lost in the timeless abyss, you shall lie still until the last Sun sets beneath the sea. Stars will awaken you from your sleep, and you will let them shine their upon you, casting your new essence with the wisdom of the night sky.”

I fear not what I know not, I let the obscurity come to me

So I dig and analyse and scrutinise no more, but I long to be at one
So I despise the futility of facts, and I long to be at one with the all

I have awaken from my slumber
And now I feel I have become free,
Or at least freer than before.
The big delusion seems to be gone.

O Knowledge, what did I ask of thee
O Knowledge, what hast thou given me
An irretrievable solution for the irresolvable longing of the mind
Consciousness of myself, all I have.