Kevin Morby - Gift Horse

Tekst piosenki:

What you really want
Verses what you need
You kicked a gift horse
In the knee
Iggy's in the back he's getting stoned
I tried the door, nobodies home
Time played a trick on everyone
Me oh my oh
Why'd you go at it alone?
You always had to act so tough
And still those shaking hands

What you really need
Verses what you want
You're the gift horse
I'm the dilettante
Katie's in the car she's on the phone
Talking to her sister she don't wanna miss her
Time ran away with everyone
It's a Crime
To be so young and dumb
No one made ya act so tough
And rough
But still those shaking hands

Time cast a spell on everyone
And why did you always act so tough
Iggy's in the car he's getting stoned
Katie's in the back she's on the phone
Me oh my oh
What'd you go at it alone
And take one for the band