I Am the Messenger - The Inundation

Tekst piosenki:

For what seems like, oh so long, I've stood for, oh so much. Living and loving in the purest fashion. An attempt that oh so failed; Holding your own, it seems, is just not in fashion. Oh no, my poor fashion sense has misled me. I hear them call my name. And I've drifted out to sea. A life lesson has been learned in this sea of clandestine sirens. Time frames can be cut so short and words' meanings change quite often. In this sea of clandestine sirens, I'll stand for so long. I've felt this retrogress into a stormy sunset. And it has been so long since I should have paddled. Oh no, I should have paddled. Tonight it's sink or swim, in this sea of sirens. And if this world splits in two; I won't sink tonight. For what felt like far too long, I stood for far too much. I lived and loved. The latter was my mistake.
My life was cut far too short after I drifted to sea. The sirens took hold of me.
And I will never be the same. I will never set sail again. Though I still hear them call my name.