Gregory Alan Isakov - Shining Offa You

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Shining Offa You

Rubber floor mat in your car
Perfume mixed with cigarette tar
Up comes morning, bleached out stars
Fading moonlight, crack of dawn

Pitchfork and old splintered wood
Work will never be this good
Lonely sunshine, darkened luck
Pack it up, sun down, rusty truck

Never wanted to figure you out
Here I am walking late downtown
Walk past the sleepers safe and sound
Walk past the kids when the bars let out

Coffee won't work, late night world
Early morning, smell of girl
Wounds are slivered along the mend
Piled up letters I'll never never never send

Seen my picture mirror on the wall
Seein' myself everywhere makes me want to crawl
Seen my reflection even on the morning dew
But I don't mind looking if I'm shining off of you