Ghetts - U & Me (ft. Scorcher & Wretch 32)

Tekst piosenki:

G-H... 32... Skywalker
Yeah... Movement!
Uh huh powerful man

To the graveyard straight
From the sandpit
To the first time we was both
On the same charge
I'm the reason why you ain't scarred
I got your back and we ain't even
From the same block of flats
Two of a kind, my brother
From another mother
Nevertheless we love each other
I still remember when we stuck up Bubba
He came back shouting "motherfucker"!
We stood our ground because
Of pride we never done a runner
So we took a beating, and
Never looked appealing
But what a friend is,
I finally understood the meaning
On the grind together
From the worst to the finest weather
We had plans but we was minus cheddar
Money over bitches
I ain't never said vagina's better
Find a treasure, that's a finer pleasure,
Never wife a heffer
I thought that we would shine forever
But we was both wrong
And I was like "hold on"
"Where's the money, the bitches,
Whips and clothes gone"!?
And then i realised it's all
About the being white
A key of each just might
Be the key to life
I'm tryna keep discreet cos
The police are hype
I'll keep it cheeks 'til the fiends arrive
Keep the peace for a peace of mind
A piece of yours is a piece of mine
A piece of mine is a piece of yours
When you're parents kicked you out
You never had to sleep on floors

You and me, we can make it last
You and me must forget the past

Family tree we been dogs since
The hush puppy days
We run around with sluts from the way
I'll never see you get thumped in your face
But still we been accustomed to pain
I remember when you're pops past away
I come past for days,
The memories circle my brain
I remember when you earnt off an eighth
And first copped your chain
Now, how many O's later
Just count how many hoes rate us
We'll forever hold status
And know that I mean this
I'm a father of 1, you got 2
So lets just say i got 3 kids
Christmases and birthdays
They'll receive gifts
I'm picturing your girl saying
"daddy we miss"
You living in a cell life's a peak bitch
True... so we ain't never slept with her
Had a plan for the grams
And you said "we'll be richer"
But now you're gone,
I'm depressed in peace nigga

You and me, we can make it last
You and me must forget the past

Truthfully you and me?
Didn't used to see eye to eye
But when your mum past away
We put our differences aside
And I got to know France better
Way before the trips up
The country in harsh weather
80 on the clock with like 80 of them shots
Coming back around sunrise
Back when I used to cop the weight
And couldn't cut it up
Carmen Room's the first rave
That I fucked it up
First caught a case and
Had the luck to bust
You introduced me to Melissa and Camdy
Check the link in our family
Going back to like Melvin and Boisey
Vernon and Floyd,
When they gave birth to the boys
It ended up as little baller and Scorcher
I remember when you left the ends
You was like 100 miles out
And you still came back
Just to check for friends
[?] and Joe, you even dropped
P's on my girl
And I swear that's why me
And you are best of friends!