Futhark - Thrudvangar

Tekst piosenki:

Brave comrades we traveled
By the shores of Midgard
Below Sunna’s wheel
And a moon glow silvered
Living for the dance of swords
Countless foes we have fought

Towards conflict we march brave
For if we die in battle
Reach sooner higher halls
Of Odhinn our father
Courage and glory are esteemed in Asgard
The feats of the brave, bards shall sang

For the fallen we shall feast
In vain their blood was not (shed)
(Fields) of carnage behind left
We’re now marching homewards
Waiting for further dances of swords
For myriad battles might come

After the dance of swords our Önd
Victorious travels through Bifröst
Where Heimdallr guards the splendid gates of Asgardr

In Folkvangar the queen of Vænir
Will brand of us her army
In Thrudvangar we will make us strong
To join the heathen hordes of Thor
Those who will call forth again
The ancient gods from their thrones

In our death Valkyries come forth
Towards the hall of the fallen and the brave
Where our fallen comrades proud, awaits