Futhark - Rebirth of the Pagan Pride

Tekst piosenki:

Now I see the mountains,
The fullmoon shines over me,
The ancient blood runs for this lands
Those mystic places I adore.

Take your axe and feel the wrath
Of the ancient gods,
Now the fire starts to burn
The pagan pride is our again
We got the fire!!!

Through the frozen forest I walk
The darkness fills the sky, the moon shines
In the valleys begins the battle,
We are gathered, ready for attack,
Give us your power, to win the victory,
The battle rages

Cosmic storms blow the lands,
The eternity reigns in everywhere,
Ancient legions awake again,
Seeds of the pagan gods,
Are ready to grow,
And finally we have the triumph

Send us to the eternity,
The pagan ruins are rebuild,
To reign forever.