Futhark - Great Horn of Battle

Tekst piosenki:

Infernal shrieks of battle roar across our sacred lands,
Swords and shields resound in horizon
A stray whisper of arrows cutting through the air I breathe,
The sweet smell of my enemy’s blood running down the plains

Ominous sounds that makes the reign I live in to tremble,
The great horn of battle is present, invaders shall perish soon,
To Hel they shall fall, a leak out they’ll never find
While our brave comrade warriors a path towards Walhalla rides

Pagan warriors from the throne of Wotan,
To battle now!
Pagan warriors from the throne of Wotan,
Never surrender!

A crimson sky counterparts the spilled blood
In an insane dusk,
The storm will come to clean the throne of our kingdom,
And then we will know that the head of our enemies is ours.

Sweet sound of victory,
From the horn we shall drink,
Sweet sound of victory,
Christendom shall sink