End - Lavish Gloom

Tekst piosenki:

My redeemer
Inhaled sulphur
From the cradle...
I beckoned
From the land
As the black sail crawled away
He nodded
At my godspeed
And wreaked the prayer
Of our kind
"Lavish gloom
Enticing horn
Blown to sign
The rain of spears
Embrace me
Not my thoughts
As I run like plague
To adorn my foes
With their end...
...adorn them with their end
This flawless atonement
For the essence of man
Will molten life
To stream in the abyss
Should I yield
Under the unraveling spells of death
Pin me on the stellar needlework
So I may shine
Your insidious will
As light to the critters
Inherent pitchblack distress
For the writings and poems and readings
For there will be no one there
To admire and read..."
Then he kicked the rope
And sailed away