End - A Drop of Universe

Tekst piosenki:

Lie down in a gloomy hill
The cold Pleiadis' stars
light on your eyes
Looking this magnetic nebulah
you know you're nothing
in front of that
You know you will die
You slide in the black hole
You kiss the freezing barrel
You taste your sweety end
Finally in the shadow
you reech your place in hell
A drop of blood
reflects the stars
Just a lonely drop
mirror of universe
stands in front of you
a truth for everyone
The universe is near
and you can feel it now
you leave this fucking world
of shit and pestilence
A wise man in the night
decided to piss in (the) face
of the morality
and common rites and pain
You will not have a burial
but a drop of universe
a mirror in the blood
A drop of universe
Reflects your death