Eminem - Eminem vs Kuniva Rap Battle - Hip-Hop Shop

Tekst piosenki:


Ay, ay
Ay, you gotta stop it when the beat starts
Taking to long starts
Right there, start right there
Aight bus


Check my vocals, cause you know what I’m about
It’s best to play like O.J. Simpson
And I just stab out
Why did you enter?
You didn’t comprehend
See this is a battle for mc’s
Who think they might win
But fuck the battle
Lets take it to the streets
Cause you a pussy
Oh well, if you are what you eat
Now you can go get your crew
(??) you now
(??) me wrong (??)
And all this shit gon be blew out
Claiming you jumped (??)
Nigga you come in this bitch
You talk more shit that Reggie Miller
Never spent nothing more, nothing less
The first single you drop is, I wanna be fresh


He look bald (??)
Oh my god


Aiight, look
Any rapper sayin those kind of rhymes
In this day and age
In this period in time
Trying to battle Eminem
Is worse than David Starr trying to battle
Proof, Eye-Kyu, B-Flat, Bizarre
That’s why you beg to differ me
You ain’t got no style
Plus you lack delivery
Not to brag
I don’t mean to boast
Look my face is pale
But you look like you seen a ghost
You couldn’t slip in the zone
If I put banana peels around this fuckin microphone
So get a bulldozer
Start from bottom to top
And take this building down
Cause that’s the only way you ‘recking shop


Yo, yo, yo, yo
Who’s got my man Rondell?
Who’s go my man Eminem over here?
That’s my motherfuckin dawg
And Ron! You my dawg too